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Getting involved

How can I get involved with my child's education at Gillieston Primary School?

Parents as classroom helpers

Children thrive with parental involvement.

As a parent, you are the most influential factor in how your child views school and the community they're part of. Your involvement with their learning goes a long way towards your child becoming a capable, resilient and happy adult.  

When parents are involved in their child's school life, it leads to a happy and well-adjusted child, who has a positive relationship with teachers and peers.

Never be afraid to ask teachers how you can get involved. In the eyes of the school, you are valuable resource.

How can you get involved?

  • help out with class reading or maths groups   
  • help at the school canteen
  • volunteer to go on excursions when required
  • volunteer at school events
  • visit when special events are being held
  • attend parent information sessions     
  • Join the P&C.

Please see the school office if you would like to put your name forward to be a parent helper.