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Our school is continually working to improve everything we do. If you would like to share your thoughts, please use the attached feedback forms below. This can be emailed to the school's address, sent in with your child or dropped in at the office.

Look at what people are saying about our school:

The Gillieston Preschool to Kindergarten transition/orientation program:

  • 'Absolutely loved that the children get the opportunity to become familiar with the teachers and school'
  • 'I found this an extremely great program. It allows the kids to become familiar with the school environment and routine. My son thoroughly enjoyed it'
  • Staff were 'Enthusiastic, professional and welcoming for child and parents. Patient and supportive'
  • 'Beautiful, friendly, kind teachers through this program. The support and information has been amazing'
  • 'Loved the T-shirt uniform'
  • 'Fantastic that the program went for the amount of time it did'
  • 'Great orientation process'
  • 'I enjoyed the parent information days and listening about what will be happening. Made me feel more safe about my daughter coming to school'.

Event or Program Feedback (PDF 370KB).

Individual Feedback Form (PDF 200KB).